Being well positioned to take advantage of Cape Town's buoyant rental market, we are a boutique property management firm offering you, our client, peace of mind while we set about the task of managing your asset on your behalf. Ever mindful of the need to source reliable tenants while maintaining a keen eye on maximizing appropriate returns for our client, we have put together a skilled team of professionals experienced in placing tenants to meet your expectations.

Understanding the synergy between tenant placement and the law we have carefully partnered with a law firm in Cape Town specializing in the legal aspects of the Landlord and Tenant relationship, ensuring an accurate and legally compliant lease agreement. We manage the back-end administration including the ever important tasks of invoicing, rental collection and maintenance of your asset.

As a unique add on feature, and once again utilizing the synergy of law and property management, we are able to offer the unique feature of providing you with a free eviction service (t's and c's apply).

We Offer:

* Advertise for prospective tenants at our expense, and at a rental agreed upon between ourselves and the Lessor.

* Screen and check all references supplied by prospective tenants on - TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES Lease Application Forms. Such references supplied shall be both personal and business (where possible) in nature, and shall include screening for a history of bad debts and judgements. All references supplied shall be private and confidential, and the property of TOMMYCAR PROPERTY.

* Conclude an Agreement of Lease, on standard lease agreement, between Lessor an TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES Lessee, and provide both parties with copies of such agreement.

* Obtain from the Lessee a one month damages deposit, together with full payment of all lease fees and stamp duty, and deposit such damages deposit into TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES - Trust Account for the duration of the lease period.

* Install Lessee in leased premises on the lease commencement date; conclude a written inventory and a defects list, signed and dated by Lessee. Both inventory and defects list shall be the property of TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES.

* Deposit the Lessor's monthly rental, less Agent's commission and levy payment (if required by Lessor), into the Lessor's bank account by electronic payment, on or about the third working day of each month.

Should a weekend / public holiday, at the end of, or commencement of, any particular month delay stop orders, such rental will be deposited into the Lessor's account on the fourth or fifth working day of the month in question. Should the rent not have been paid by due date, both Lessor and Lessee shall be advised, telephonically, forthwith.

* Only if required by Lessor, pay the monthly levy to the Managing Agents, and forward to the Lessor all correspondence pertaining to the leased premises, as and when received from the Managing Agents.

* Supply the Lessor, by email, with a monthly statement of account, which shall include copies of all invoices received from contractors pertaining to monies paid out on behalf of the Lessor for any maintenance / repair work concluded on the leased premises.

* Inspect the leased premises, by appointment, on a regular basis, until such time as the Agent is satisfied with the standards maintained by the Lessee, at which point in time inspections shall be reduced to two per year.

* Telephonically advise the Lessor of any repair / maintenance work required to be effected on the leased premises, specifically for the Lessor's account, and obtain the Lessor's instructions to conclude such work.

* Arrange for all repair / maintenance work to be concluded on the leased premises by contractors appointed by the Agent. Such work shall not include improvements or renovations of any kind, which shall be the sole responsibility of the Lessor / OR / attended to by the Agent at a fee agreed upon between Lessor and Agent, which fee is generally restricted to 15% of the contract price.

* Notify the Lessee, in writing, of any complaints or breach of the lease agreement, which letters of warning shall be restricted to no more than two on any same breach, after which advise the Lessor to take legal action, which action shall be the sole responsibility of the Lessor, and not involve the Agent in any way other than if the Lessee should breach the lease agreement by failing to pay rental on due date within the first four(4)months of the Lessee taking occupation. In this eventuality the TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES shall pay the legal costs incurred in evicting the Lessee, provided that TOMMYCAR PROPERTIES shall have the exclusive right to appoint the attorney to carry out the eviction.

* Inspect the leased premises at least 3 days prior to the Lessee vacating the premises and draw up an inventory and defects list, signed and dated by the Lessee, and arrange, where necessary, for repair / maintenance work to be concluded prior to the refund of the Lessee's deposit.